Howling Dog Protector Booties

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Howling Dog Alaska's lightweight Protector Booties are intended for the use in snow. Booties feature water repellent outer shell, soft lining and elastic upper top. The bottom is rubberized for wear resistance and traction. Velcro closure keeps booties secured in place.

Price is for a set of four. Great value for the price!

Always make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed before fitting a bootie.

HOW TO MEASURE: Trace the paw on paper with a pencil or with a marker. Measure the widest part of the foot then. Use a front foot to take the measurement. Not sure about size? Go one size larger than estimated.

The weight of a dog per certain size is just a basic guideline and it can vary.


  • S - Width: 2 ¼ inches; Length: 2 ¾ inches (20 - 30 lbs. dog)
  • M - Width: 2.5 inch; Length: 3.0 inches (31 - 40 lbs. dog), THIS SIZE IS AVAILABLE IN RED COLOR ONLY
  • L - Width: 2 ¾  inches; Length: 3 ¼ inches (41 - 50 lbs. dog), THIS SIZE IS AVAILABLE IN RED COLOR ONLY
  • XL - Width: 3 inches; Length: 3.5 inches (51 - 65 lbs. dog)
  • XXL - Width: 3 ¼  inches; Length: 3 ¾ inches (66 - 80 lbs. dog)