Howling Dog Skijoring Line (1 Dog)

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This is an extremely durable pulling line with a built-in shock absorber. Predominantly used for skijoring, this line is also widely used for canicross (running with your dog), bikejoring, scootering, dog trekking, dog walking hands-free and as a single dog sled pulling line.

The line is about 8 ft. long before stretching and 9 ft. long after stretching. It is made out of 1-inch wide tubular webbing and features bronze snaps.

Howling Dog Alaska's skijoring lines have been the top pulling lines on the market for many years now. Their superior design and durability far surpass lines manufactured by our competitors. Unlike other lines, our skijoring lines have bungee fitted into a sleeve made out of durable tubular webbing. There is no frying, no wear and tear present the way it is with lines made out of a Polyline.