Knuckle Lights Original

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The Original version of Knuckle Lights operate on two AAA batteries in each unit that straps to the front of your hands, in the perfect position to see and be seen. The led lights are high visibility lights that are also ideal for walking at night, trail running and hiking, a camping light, and dog walking flashlight.

Knuckle Lights Original includes:

  • 150 TOTAL LUMENS — The LED pattern is a wide flood beam, putting out light in all directions, providing a steady, even light in front of you that does not bounce, even with your arms moving.
  • 2 LIGHTS PER SET — The units are held comfortably on your hands with soft silicone straps. The straps are easily adjusted to fit any size hand and even over gloves. The units are almost unnoticeable at less than 3 ounces each.
  • 3 POWER SETTINGS — High, Low and Blinking.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED   Each unit operates on 2 X AAA batteries
  • BATTERY LIFE — 20+ Hours on High Power | 40+ Hours on Low Power | 50+ Hours on Blinking.
  • WEATHERPROOF — The units can be used in any type of weather and will not leak or fail.